The Argentine School of Micro-Nanoelectronics, Technology and Applications, EAMTA, is a one-week school where undergraduate and graduate students attend intensive courses on topics related to the area of micro-nano electronics, with the aim of disseminating this area of knowledge, deepening the knowledge of professionals and academics, and promoting the development of related technology in the country and the region. The academic offer includes from basic courses, where students are introduced to the design of integrated circuits (IC), to advanced courses to improve analog and digital design techniques. 


All students, professors, graduates and professionals of Electronic Engineering and related careers, and the entire scientific community in general, are invited to participate.


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VLSI Design

The Basic VLSI (Very Large Scale Integration) Design course is EAMTA’s most traditional track. It is also known as the “Introduction Track” and is the initiation course for all students who pass through the School. 


Digital Design


The course aims to teach the basic concepts of digital design. The learning process is divided into three phases




Digital Design


The course aims to teach the advanced concepts of digital design.



Implantable devices

This course deals with various topics related to the design of application-specific integrated circuits for implantable medical devices. Some commonalities in this class of ASICs are extremely low power consumption, battery power, reliability and safety, working with low-frequency signals, and interaction with the patient.


Analog Design

It is one of the most popular courses at the EAMTA event. In this track, students acquire basic notions of integrated circuit design at a logic level, following the objective of designing a two-stage operational amplifier.