Sensores magnéticos y de corriente: principios físicos, acondicionamiento y amplificación

About the track


.This 300-minute course/seminar is aimed at providing basic knowledge about integrated magnetic sensors and their applications in various fields. The course gives an introduction to Hall effect and magneto-resistance sensors, different aspects of layout of the sensors and their associated circuitry, a description of analog interfaces and their constraints and characteristics, digital filter and processing architectures commonly used, and finally verification and testing setups.


Track goal

By the end of the course, the students will have achieved a basic understanding of magnetic sensors, their main characteristics and challenges, and the complete development chain, from the sensor to the digital output.

Minimum content

  •  Magnetic Sensors (120 min):
    • Hall effect
    •   Magneto resistive sensors
  •  Digital Processing (120 min)
  •  Verification and Testing (120 min)
  •  Layout (120 min)
  •  Analog Interfaces (120 min):


Ing. Gerardo Monreal

Allegro Microsystems

IMsC. Daniel Musciano

Allegro Microsystems

Ing. Octavio Alpago

Allegro Microsystems

Prof. Juan Cesaretti

Allegro Microsystems & ITBA 


Ing. Nicolas Marquez

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