Virtual Presentations 2

Maria Camila Moreno

University of Pamplona

“Automated Monitoring and Control System for Greenhouses Using Modern Speech Processing Through Mathematical-Based Methods”

Tania Ferreyra

Universidad de Buenos Aires Argentina

“Study of Feasibility of Image Compression with Wavelets over Hexagonal Pixel Arrays using a Custom Photodetector Integrated Circuit”

Christian Conchari

Universidad Católica Boliviana

“Stratospheric Balloon Earth Observation Gathered Imagery Classification Through Deep Learning”

Samuel Adrian Cerezo

Universidad Nacional del Comahue

“Compressive Sensing Mapping System for Spatial Characterization of Photovoltaic Devices”

Lucas Finazzi

Universidad Nacional de
San Martin

“Study of Silicon Photomultipliers in Low Earth Orbit”

Taypicahuana Loza Ernesto

Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería

“Seismic Motion Detection and Classification Methodology for Buildings Using DFT and SVM”